We create pathways to transformation.


Engaging. Fun. Productive.
Elevating organizations and teams through strategic planning, capacity building, and data-informed processes to cultivate change and positive growth.


Get more from consulting services designed with you in mind. Our philosophy of leadership encourages authenticity, building stronger and more empathic teams who are committed to getting results.


We will tailor your training with innovative designs that provide tangible solutions and processes helping unlock sustainable results.

We provide transformational experiences.

At our core, Blaze Consulting Group is driven by a mission to create a better world through tailored training, specialized facilitation, impactful consulting, and effective social justice programming. We value our hard-earned reputation for making our clients feel seen, heard, held with dignity, and most importantly valued knowing that measurable results will come to fruition at the conclusion of their project.

People that trust our work.

Mission-driven Projects and Partnerships

As a mission-minded consulting agency, Blaze Consulting Group’s strategies bridge vision to action, moving people forward to sustainable change. Our empathetic and keen approach utilizes innovative processes, frameworks, and theories, drawing from our client’s strengths to create space for transformation and activation.

We have had the honor to work with and partner on some of the most impactful work in the Bay Area.