We provide transformational experiences.

Our unique framework and personal journeys within the consulting field have created a transformative power helping unlock social change and equity across diverse sectors. Our passion is to lead communities and organizations towards more justice and fair practices, creating the blueprint of change.

Jenjii Hysten

Founder & CEO

Jenjii Hysten is an advocate, teacher, lifelong learner, facilitator, author, and a visionary with over 20 years of experience in the education and human services arenas. She is devoted to creating dynamic and engaging learning opportunities through coaching and technical assistance to build the capacity of educational and youth development organizations throughout the Bay Area. In addition to leading Blaze Consulting Group, she provides intensive training and facilitation to support resident service divisions of major public housing developers throughout the state of California. Utilizing her Bachelor of Art, Interdisciplinary Studies degree from UC Berkeley with a focus on Urban Economic Development, Jenjii quickly assesses complex organizational issues and needs to develop creative solutions to help solve problems.

Jenjii is a poignant speaker and storyteller with a gift for making people feel loved right where they are. Beloved for her ability to bring diverse groups of people together, Jenjii inspires leaders to have honest, heart opening conversations that lead to action. She shows audiences how to turn trauma into a catalyst for transformation for one’s self and the larger world.

Jenjii’s background at
the intersections of:

  • executive coaching
  • anti-racist training
  • innovative design
  • curriculum development
  • women entrepreneurship
  • education & youth development


make her a go-to keynote speaker, coach and consultant for organizations, associations, and conferences across industries and sectors. Prior to launching Blaze Consulting Group, Jenjii was the founding Executive Director of Saving Our Sisters, Saving Our Selves, a charter school Dean of Students. Jenjii is also the author of Beyond the Hashtag: The Spirit, Heart and Love of Black Men.

Franklin Hysten


With 20+ years as Coach and Facilitator, Franklin Hysten expertly develops leaders in nonprofits and public sector organizations to drive their program goals towards success. As the Founding Partner of Blaze Consulting Group, he designs transformative experiences for teams and individuals who strengthen communities for youth and families. Franklin is also the Associate Director of On the Verge, a training and coaching organization for leaders throughout California. His myriad of professional roles integrate expertise in program management, facilitation, training, strategic planning, and systems design, bolstering clients’ propensity for excellence in the execution and design of their business programming.

Deeply rooted in Oakland schools growing up, Franklin studied Sociology at Holy Names University, which cultivated his journey into community leadership and civic engagement. His early journey and work include membership on boards and commissions of civic and philanthropic organizations in California. Franklin led the redesign of the youth commission of the City of San Pablo and consulted on the ASCEND: Black Led Organizations Initiative for East Bay Community Foundation. He was honored to provide coaching and training on the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative in partnership with East Bay Youth Development Center.

He is an accomplished Choir Director and loves to play the piano and Hammond Organ. Uplifting the spirit and soul through music is a gift that Franklin loves sharing with the world and communities.

Meet the team

Sherry Dysart


Sherry Dysart is an inspired, action-oriented leader who came to Blaze Consulting Group after leading logistics and administrative teams in the business sector. Sherry has a passion for helping others and designing structures that support people to achieve their goals. She has participated in numerous community volunteer experiences. When she is not organizing people and events, Sherry can be found at the weekend football game with her twin sons, baby boy and coach husband.