Blaze Consulting Group works with a diverse client base, from corporations to nonprofits; public agencies to educational organizations, and a plethora of communities that are addressing complex social issues that impact our lives.

We work alongside our clients, offering innovative yet tangible solutions to build their capacity for maximum impact, helping to create a better future.

No matter the size of the organization — from corporate executives and small business owners to students, parents, teachers, activists, and community leaders; Blaze Consulting Group approaches every project with integrity and ingenuity to create opportunities for success and growth.

We stand in the truth:

“I am because we are”

(Ubuntu African Philosophy)

We create the circle of possibilities for wealth and social-economic growth for our clients by continuously bridging the past to the future through data-informed design.

We are here to support your needs:


  • Over 25 years of bringing groups together to co-create environments founded on trust, authenticity, and healthy risk taking.

  • Driving desired outcomes while building meaningful connections among team members to foster organic connectivity and genuine relationships.

  • Utilization of innovative tools, online or in-person, to fully immerse left and right brain thinking for momentous change that help promote creative work environments and build strong ties.


  • Enhanced and focused support designed with you in mind

  • People-centric customizable programming and strategic planning with the purpose of meeting the needs of your organization

  • Mediation, career exploration, educational program design, and more, delivered with a conscientious approach


  • We effectively transfer the voice, vision, and values of leadership, through specialized training, taking staff from theory to practical application.

  • Enhance and elevate current skills while developing the underlying potential within team members, building strong relationships and connections.

  • Using keen observation to activate the talents and positive propensities within each individual, we utilize the power of adult learning theory to motivate powerful change within teams.